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allow webapp service account id to be customised and SQL instance to be blank

Dr Rich Wareham requested to merge issue-6-custom-service-account-id into master

As noted in #6 (closed), we were hard-coding the service account id used for the webapp to "webapp-run". This meant it was impossible to deploy more than one webapp in a project.

As noted in #5 (closed), sometimes we didn't want to associate a SQL instance with the webapp.

Form a better default from the "name" variable. For existing deployments the service account id will be unchanged if the "name" variable is at its default value.

Allow the service account id to be specified explicitly via the optional "service_account_id" variable.

Allow sql_instance_connection_name to be blank. If so, we don't set the Cloud SQL annotation on the service or attempt to grant the service account roles.

Closes #6 (closed) Closes #5 (closed)

Edited by Dr Rich Wareham

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