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Added Cloud NAT "min ports per VM" config

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......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ resource "google_compute_router_nat" "static-ip-nat" {
nat_ips = [google_compute_address.static-ip[0].self_link]
nat_ip_allocate_option = "MANUAL_ONLY"
region = var.cloud_run_region
min_ports_per_vm = var.min_ports_per_vm
source_subnetwork_ip_ranges_to_nat = "LIST_OF_SUBNETWORKS"
subnetwork {
......@@ -209,6 +209,16 @@ variable "static_egress_ip_cidr_range" {
description = "The cidr range used to create a subnet that this cloud run will use if assigned a static ip"
variable "min_ports_per_vm" {
default = 64
type = number
description = <<-EOL
When using Cloud NAT to provide an egress route, Cloud NAT's minimum ports per VM
can be configured to determine how many concurrent connections can be established
to the same destination IP address and port.
variable "secrets_volume" {
type = list(object({
name = string # name of the file that is going to be mounted
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