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    feat: backport changes from identity-system · e9ce06f6
    Dr Rich Wareham authored
    Back-port the recent changes from identity system. Specifically:
    * Poetry is now used to manage dependencies. (See below for how we keep
      the poetry.lock fresh.)
    * The compose/ directory, and associated shell scripts, have been
      removed in favour of more modern docker compose features.
    * Helper poe tasks have been added to start the application, run
      migrations, etc.
    * The production container no longer runs migrations when it starts. Our
      gcp-cloud-run-app terraform module now supports "pre-deploy jobs"
      which can be used to run migrations at deploy time.
    * Pytest now manages the django database via Docker. This increases the
      flexibility w.r.t. running tests on the host versus within a
    * GitLab CI configuration has been updated to use the common pipeline.
      In the fullness of time, webapp.gitlab-ci.yml may be moved into the
      common CI template repo.
    * The API Gateway emulator is included and pre-configured. This isn't
      made optional becau...