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Upgrade to v3 of the gcp-site-monitoring-module

Ryan Kowalewski requested to merge 42-update-site-monitoring into master

BREAKING CHANGE: Upgrading to v3 of the gcp-site-monitoring module will cause uptime check functions to be destroyed/re-created during the next Terraform apply.

BREAKING CHANGE: The default SSL policy restricts TLS to >= 1.2 and sets the SSL profile to MODERN.

Upgrading to v3 of the gcp-site-monitoring module allows us to set existing notification channels by ID in the new alert_notification_channels variable which is required as part of ongoing Digital Admissions work. However, v3 of the module contains breaking changes as it will redeploy any uptime check functions at the next Terraform apply stage. Therefore, this change will be a breaking change for this module as well, and we'll bump the major version to 8.0.0 accordingly.

Given that this is a breaking change, I thought it a good opportunity to include the proposed SSL policy change in #41 (closed), which will also be a breaking change.

Part of #42 (closed), #41 (closed)

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