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This page documents how we provision and manage Kubernetes clusters via the
Google Kubernetes Engine service.
!!! warning
We have relatively few services hosted via Kubernetes and as such we are
still fine-tuning our procedures, processes and policies surrounding it.
# Publishing terraform modules
We publish terraform modules using the built-in terraform registry. See the
for an example.
A [dedicated
is available in our CI templates project which can be used to automate
publication of modules to the terraform registry.
The default template's behaviour is to publish a module when a commit is `git
tag`-ed with a name which corresponds to a [semver
## Using the CI template
A minimal example of making use of the template is as follows. It should be
added to the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file in the terraform module project.
- project: 'uis/devops/continuous-delivery/ci-templates'
file: '/terraform-module-publish.yml'
- publish
extends: .terraform_module_publish
stage: publish
TERRAFORM_MODULE_SYSTEM: google # or local, aws, etc...
The `TERRAFORM_MODULE_SYSTEM` variable should be set in a manner which reflects
the main system or provider used by the module. For most of our Google Cloud
Platform modules this should be "google".
## Releasing a new module version
To release a new module version, tag the latest release with a bare version
number. E.g. to tag current master/main:
$ git checkout main # or 'master' for older projects
$ git pull # ensure we're up to date
$ git tag 2.0.1 # tag release
$ git push origin --tags # push tags to GitLab
## Changelogs
You should maintain a `CHANGELOG` file in the project root which records what
changed in each release. See the existing terraform modules for examples.
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- workflow/pipelines.md
- workflow/onboarding.md
- workflow/pypi.md
- workflow/terraform-modules.md
- workflow/credentials-and-secrets.md
- 'Best Practice':
- best-practice/index.md
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