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......@@ -6,23 +6,23 @@ The following checklist is to be used as a reminder of the admin tasks needed to
### Performed by manager or admin staff before start date
* Add to the corresponding [DevOps subgroup](https://www.lookup.cam.ac.uk/group/uis-devops-division) within DevOps Division lookup group
* Add to the UIS group and any other relevant groups on MS Teams
* Add to the regular meetings they are expected to attend
* Add to the corresponding [DevOps team (subgroup)](https://www.lookup.cam.ac.uk/group/uis-devops-division) within DevOps Division lookup group.
* Add to the [University Information Services](https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3ace6d44bf2ed34388b2d39db1bb39b294%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=8b9ab893-3917-42bb-ba20-6cbd4bd2d304&tenantId=49a50445-bdfa-4b79-ade3-547b4f3986e9), [UIS DevOps](https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3ace6d44bf2ed34388b2d39db1bb39b294%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=8b9ab893-3917-42bb-ba20-6cbd4bd2d304&tenantId=49a50445-bdfa-4b79-ade3-547b4f3986e9), and any other relevant teams on MS Teams.
* Add to the regular meetings they are expected to attend.
### Performed by manager or peer before start date
#### Gitlab
* Add to [GitLab group](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/groups/uis/devops/-/group_members)
* Add as a viewer or admin as appropriate for [Google Cloud resources](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/gcp-infra/)
* Add to https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/docs/general/ so the new starter can follow the onboarding instructions
* Add to the [DevOps GitLab group](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/groups/uis/devops/-/group_members) and other corresponding GitLab groups.
* Add as a viewer, or deployer as appropriate in [Team Data](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/terraform/team-data/-/blob/master/team_data.json) for [Google Cloud resources](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/gcp-infra/-/blob/master/products.tf)
#### Google
Add to the relevant Google Shared Drives:
When the user is added to the corresponding DevOps team in lookup, they should get access to:
* [Google Shared drive for DevOps](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0AJboYXmrsklAUk9PVA)
* and maybe other Shared drives. If the user needs to access to others shared drives, add ass appropiate.
#### Other services
......@@ -32,11 +32,16 @@ Add to the relevant Google Shared Drives:
Follow the instructions for the first time setup of [Raven](https://raven.cam.ac.uk/).
#### Google
* Login to your Google acccount (use your_crsid@cam.ac.uk in google.com) and accept the T&Cs.
* Enable 2FA in your Google Account.
#### Microsoft
* Activate your Microsoft account, it may take some hours before it is ready
* Outlook
* Calendar
* Login to your Microsoft acccount (use your_crsid@cam.ac.uk in office.com) and accept the T&Cs. It may take some hours before it is ready
* Enable 2FA in your Microsoft Account.
* Validate that your calendar (Outlook) and email (Exchange Online) is working correclty.
#### Mailing lists
......@@ -47,20 +52,19 @@ Subscribe to appropriate lists by searching for them in [sympa search](https://l
* uis-individual-staff
* social (various, optional)
You will automatically added to some mailing lists corresponding to your DevOps team (lookup subgroup)
#### SSH key
* Create a 4096 bit RSA key if you don't already have a preferred one
* Add your SSH public key to gitlab to allow for git over SSH
* Open Merge Requests as appropriate to add your key to the various resources
* [team-data](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/terraform/team-data/-/blob/master/team_data.json) where the meaning of admin, deploy and view can be found at ...
* Open Merge Requests as appropriate to add your key to the various resources:
* [ansible-roles](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/ansible-roles/tree/master/roles/devops-ssh-users) which will only be needed if you are dealing with legacy systems
#### GPG
You may want to at least:
* Open a Merge Request in the [team-data project](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/infra/terraform/team-data/-/blob/master/team_data.json) on GitLab adding yourself as a DevOps team deploy user.
* Re-encrypt ansible vault passwords, see [setting up GPG to decrypt secrets](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/docs/general/blob/master/docs/secrets.md#setting-up-gpg-to-decrypt-secrets) for guidance
* Add public GPG key to [team public keyring](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/docs/general/blob/master/files/teampubkeys.gpg)
* Update the guidebook - [copy the updated file](https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/uis/devops/docs/general/-/blob/master/docs/secrets.md#updating-the-publicly-available-keyring)
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