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Commit 92b25e88 authored by Dr Adam Thorn's avatar Dr Adam Thorn
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Release with correct list of conffiles

This is just a change to the packaging, not to the actual deployed
contents of the package. This deb has quite a few conffiles which
made unattended-upgrades flag the mistake when I tried to upgrade.

We should now have the right list of conffiles:

parent 5e451370
......@@ -3,6 +3,6 @@ Priority: optional
Section: otherosfs
Maintainer: Chemistry COs <support@ch.cam.ac.uk>
Architecture: all
Version: 0.9-ch79
Version: 0.9-ch81
Depends: zfs-dkms, postgresql-13 | postgresql-9.5 | postgresql-9.4 , liblockfile-simple-perl, libdbi-perl, libjson-perl, libzfs-perl-chem, libnet-openssh-perl, libdbd-pg-perl, mbuffer, rsync, nfs-kernel-server, pv, libwww-curl-perl
Description: a backup system using ZFS (repository 'backup-scheduler')
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