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branch. The `v1` branch will maintain source compatibility with the initial
## Custom domain mapping
## Ingress style
There are two supported ingress styles depending on `var.ingress_style` variable.
Setting the `dns_name` will create a domain mapping for the webapp. Before
setting this value you *must* have verified ownership of the domain with Google.
[Instructions on how to do
`var.ingress_style` can be:
- `domain-mapping` (default): passing DNS domains as `var.dns_names` or `var.dns_name`,
which takes precedence over `var.dns_names`, will create domain mappings to the Cloud
Run service. Before setting this, you *must* have verified ownership of the provided
domains with Google. [Instructions on how to do
can be found in the DevOps division guidebook.
- `load-balancer`: a load balancer will be configured instead of a domain mapping. The
DNS domains in `var.dns_names` or `var.dns_name`, which takes precedence over `var.dns_names`,
will get Google-managed or custom TLS certificates depending on `var.use_ssl_certificates`
and `var.ssl_certificates`. An IPv6 address can also be allocated to the load balancer if
`var.enable_ipv6` is `true`.
## Monitoring and Alerting
If the variable [alerting_email_address](variables.tf) is set, the module adds
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