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Commit f6df48f7 authored by J. Marshall's avatar J. Marshall
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Merge branch 'resend' into 'master'

Send and Init destination specification

See merge request !3
parents 457c5726 caa9675d
......@@ -394,18 +394,24 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
self.source = source_dataset
self.run_tag = args.tag
self.initialise = args.init
self.send_only = args.resend
self.tags = None
self.log = self.source.log
self.destination = None
self.sending_snap = None
if args.init:
self.init = args.init.pop()
self.init = False
if args.resend:
self.resend = args.resend.pop()
self.resend = False
def _snapshot(self):
Takes a snapshot if necessary
# If the resend option has been set then skip snapshot
if self.send_only:
if self.resend:
self.sending_snap = [snap for snap in self.source.snaplist \
if self.run_tag in snap].pop()
......@@ -436,6 +442,20 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
send_string = self.source.props['send'].split(',')
send_jobs = [substr for substr in send_string \
if self.run_tag in substr]
# If we are initialising or resending then we want to make sure that
# we only set up the one send job
if self.init:
send_jobs = [job for job in send_jobs \
if set(self.init.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if not send_jobs:
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.init)
raise KeyError
if self.resend:
send_jobs = [job for job in send_jobs \
if set(self.resend.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if not send_jobs:
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.resend)
raise KeyError
except KeyError:
self.log.debug('No send jobs specified')
......@@ -479,7 +499,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
and then does the necessary tidying up
# Check if the resend option was set
if self.send_only:
if self.resend:
# Otherwise, sort it out
self.log.info('Beginning prune')
......@@ -543,7 +563,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
# At this point, check if the destination has any snapshots. If it
# does, refuse to initialise it.
if self.destination.snaplist:
if self.initialise:
if self.init:
self.log.error('Will not initialise destination as it has snapshots')
self.source.release_snap(self.sending_snap, send_hold)
raise BlockingIOError
......@@ -556,7 +576,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
src_match = None
except IndexError:
self.log.debug('No common snapshots')
if not self.initialise:
if not self.init:
self.source.release_snap(self.sending_snap, send_hold)
raise LookupError('No snapshots in common and not initialising')
src_match = None
......@@ -564,7 +584,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
self.log.debug('Beginning send')
sendproc = self.source.send(src_match)
self.destination.receive(sendproc, initialise=self.initialise)
self.destination.receive(sendproc, initialise=self.init)
except ConnectionError:
# Doesn't matter what went wrong, pull the send hold and bail
self.log.debug('Error during sending, attempting to release send hold')
......@@ -606,7 +626,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
# If this was an init run, set dest props
if self.initialise:
if self.init:
self.destination.set_prop('manage', 'yes')
self.destination.set_prop('recv', self.run_tag)
def run(self):
......@@ -910,10 +930,10 @@ def main():
help='Defaults to all zback managed datasets')
parser_process.add_argument('tag', \
help='REQUIRED: tag for backup run')
parser_process.add_argument('--init', action='store_true', \
help='Initialise destination dataset if sending')
parser_process.add_argument('--resend', action='store_true', \
help='Do not snapshot or prune, just attempt to resend last snapshot NOT IMPLEMENTED YET')
parser_process.add_argument('--init', nargs=1, \
help='Specify destination to initialise - will not work if dest has snapshots')
parser_process.add_argument('--resend', nargs=1, \
help='Do not snapshot or prune, just attempt to resend last snapshot to specified destination')
parser_configure = subparsers.add_parser('configure', \
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