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Commit d7ffa589 authored by Jon Marshall's avatar Jon Marshall
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Needs testing but should resolve not checking snapshots

parent 96bc5356
......@@ -564,6 +564,7 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
self.source.hold_snap(self.sending_snap, send_hold)
# Now that we have a destination dataset set up, we need to check their
# respective snaplists:
src_match = None
# At this point, check if the destination has any snapshots. If it
# does, refuse to initialise it.
......@@ -572,13 +573,16 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
self.log.error('Will not initialise destination as it has snapshots')
self.source.release_snap(self.sending_snap, send_hold)
raise BlockingIOError
latest_remote = [snap for snap in self.destination.snaplist \
if self.run_tag in snap].pop()
src_match = [snap for snap in self.source.snaplist \
if snap.split('@')[-1] == latest_remote.split('@')[-1] \
and self.run_tag in snap].pop()
src_match = None
# Just to be sure, get the latest latest snapshot list
# Can't think of a cleaner way of keeping the actual snapshots
# name while doing this match
for dstsnap in [snap.split('@')[-1] for snap in self.destination.snaplist]:
for snap in self.source.snaplist:
if dstsnap in snap:
src_match = snap
except IndexError:
self.log.debug('No common snapshots')
if not self.init:
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