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Commit 8b730a59 authored by Jon Marshall's avatar Jon Marshall
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Bloody lists

parent 947e7e59
......@@ -394,8 +394,8 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
self.source = source_dataset
self.run_tag = args.tag
self.initialise = args.init
self.send_only = args.resend
self.init = args.init.pop()
self.resend = args.resend.pop()
self.tags = None
self.log = self.source.log
self.destination = None
......@@ -438,17 +438,17 @@ class DatasetProcessor(Thread):
if self.run_tag in substr]
# If we are initialising or resending then we want to make sure that
# we only set up the one send job
if self.initialise:
if self.init:
send_jobs = [job for job in send_jobs \
if set(self.initialise.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if set(self.init.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if not send_jobs:
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.initialise)
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.init)
raise KeyError
if self.send_only:
if self.resend:
send_jobs = [job for job in send_jobs \
if set(self.send_only.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if set(self.resend.split(':')).issubset(job.split(':'))]
if not send_jobs:
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.send_only)
self.log.error('Destinaton %s not found', self.resend)
raise KeyError
except KeyError:
self.log.debug('No send jobs specified')
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