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Commit 5b4231a2 authored by Jon Marshall's avatar Jon Marshall
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This causes the nc listen to crap out even quicker, see if verbose does the same

parent 969fd8b6
......@@ -293,9 +293,9 @@ class RemoteDataset(Dataset):
self.log.error('Could not obtain IP address, netcat cannot start')
raise ConnectionError
if self.protocol == 'ssh':
nc_cmd = 'nc localhost -l %i -c "%s" -v -o /tmp/%s.log --append-output' % (port, recv_cmd, self.shortname)
nc_cmd = 'nc localhost -l %i -c "%s" -v' % (port, recv_cmd)
nc_cmd = 'nc -l %i -c "%s" -v -o /tmp/%s.log --append-output --allow %s' % (port, recv_cmd, self.shortname, ip)
nc_cmd = 'nc -l %i -c "%s" -v --allow %s' % (port, recv_cmd, ip)
# Set it up and send back the port that got used
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