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Commit 9176c16e authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch

Make: upload talks and preen

parent eef75447
......@@ -10,8 +10,6 @@ man1dir= ${mandir}/man1
bindest= ${DESTDIR}${bindir}
man1dest= ${DESTDIR}${man1dir}
PROGS= regpg
markdown= doc/contributing.md \
doc/rationale.md \
doc/secrets.md \
......@@ -24,6 +22,8 @@ man1files= regpg.1
DOCS= ${htmlfiles} ${man1files}
PROGS= regpg
all: ${DOCS}
install: all
......@@ -64,5 +64,8 @@ index.html: README.html logo/iframe.pl
release: ${DOCS}
util/release.sh ${DOCS}
upload: ${DOCS} index.html
for subdir in talks/*; do ${MAKE} -C $$subdir all tidy; done
upload: ${DOCS} index.html uptalk
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
BIBTEX= bibtex
PDFLATEX= pdflatex
talk: slides.pdf notes.pdf
all: slides.pdf notes.pdf
${PDFLATEX} notes.tex
......@@ -11,19 +11,14 @@ rebib:
${PDFLATEX} notes.tex
${PDFLATEX} notes.tex
handout.ps: slides.ps
psnup -W12.6cm -H9.6cm -pa4 -r -2 slides.ps |\
sed '/BoundingBox:/d' |\
psnup -b1cm -2 >handout.ps
slides.ps slides.pdf slides.dvi: talk.tex slides.tex
notes.ps notes.pdf notes.dvi: talk.tex notes.tex
rm -f *.aux *.bbl *.blg *.log *.nav *.out *.snm *.toc *.vrb
realclean: clean
clean: tidy
rm -f *.pdf *.ps *.dvi *.html
rm -f core *.core '#'*'#' *~
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ V=$(git describe | perl -pe 's{-(\d+)-\w+}{.$1}')
perl -pi -e 's{regpg-\d+(\.\d+)+(\.X)?}{'$V'}' regpg
gpg --detach-sign --armor regpg
rsync -ilrt regpg regpg.asc regpg.html index.html dist doc logo \
rsync -ilrt regpg regpg.asc regpg.html index.html \
dist doc logo talks \
git checkout regpg
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