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regpg release notes and change summary
2019-02-13 - regpg-1.8
* Attempt to work around `gpg2` reliability problems. The Ansible
plugins will run `gpg1` if it is available (since it is more
reliable than `gpg2`) and re-run `gpg2` if it looks like there was a
spurious failure.
* Python 3 compatibility for the Ansible plugins.
* Compatibility with `gpg2` format key IDs. When listing key IDs,
`gpg` adds a prefix indicating the algorithm and key size, separated
from the ID by a slash. However, `gpg` does not accept key IDs in
this format, so `regpg` strips off the prefix to make it work.
Previously `regpg` only recognized `gpg1` prefixes like `4096R/`,
but now it also strips off `gpg2` prefixes like `rsa4096/`.
2019-02-13 - regpg-1.7
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