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......@@ -67,12 +67,12 @@ and its [GPG signature](https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg.asc).
Download the full source archives and GPG signatures:
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-0.106.tar.xz>
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-0.106.tar.gz>
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-0.106.zip>
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-1.7.tar.xz>
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-1.7.tar.gz>
* <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/regpg-1.7.zip>
regpg release notes and change summary
2019-02-13 - regpg-1.7
* Declare `regpg` to be stable.
* Reduce length of passwords, so it is feasible to copy-type them into
a console.
* Other minor `genpwd` improvements.
2018-09-12 - regpg-0.106
......@@ -1787,7 +1787,7 @@ The F<gpg-preload.yml> playbook uses the F<gpg_d> filter like this:
=head1 VERSION
This is regpg-0.106.X <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/>
This is regpg-1.7 <https://dotat.at/prog/regpg/>
Written by Tony Finch <fanf2@cam.ac.uk> <dot@dotat.at>
at Cambridge University Information Services
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