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Commit a70e9921 authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch

regpg gendnskey: my standard dnssec-keygen options

So I don't have to write them longhand every time.
parent 6e7f3ed6
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ generators:
regpg gencrt [opts] <days> [<cakey> <cacrt>] <priv> <cnf> <crt>
regpg gencsrcnf [options] [<certfile>|<hostname> [csr.cnf]]
regpg gencsr [options] <private.asc> <csr.cnf> [csr]
regpg gendnskey [options] <zone>
regpg genkey [options] <algorithm> <private.asc> [ssh.pub]
regpg genpwd [options] [cryptfile.asc]
regpg genspkifp [options] [priv|crt|csr|host]
......@@ -866,6 +867,16 @@ sub dnssec {
sub gendnskey {
getargs min => 1, max => 1;
print my @found = map s{\.key$}{\n}r, glob "K@ARGV.+013+*.key";
return 0 if @found;
unshift @ARGV, qw(-L 86400 -a 13);
my $exit = dnssec_keygen;
unshift @ARGV, qw(-f KSK -Psync now);
return $exit || dnssec_keygen;
sub gencsrcnf {
# not really a keymaker - we just don't use the keyring
getargs keymaker => 1, min => 0, max => 2;
......@@ -1106,7 +1117,8 @@ if (grep { $subcommand eq $_ }
qw(add addkey addself check ck conv
decrypt depipe del delkey dnssec
edit en encrypt export exportkey
gencrt gencsrcnf gencsrconf gencsr genkey genpwd genspkifp
gencrt gencsrcnf gencsrconf gencsr
gendnskey genkey genpwd genspkifp
--help help import importkey init ls lskeys
pbcopy pbpaste re recrypt shred squeegee)) {
exit $::{$subcommand}();
......@@ -1495,6 +1507,9 @@ private key as per B<regpg> B<dnssec> B<recrypt>, then shred it.
The I<opts> are B<regpg> options. The I<flags> and I<name> are passed
to B<dnssec-keygen>.
Use the B<regpg> B<gendnskey> wrapper to generate keys for a zone with
the recommended setup.
=item B<regpg> B<dnssec> [I<opts>] B<recrypt> <I<dnskey>>
Re-encrypt a DNSSEC private key if necessary. The I<dnskey> can name
......@@ -1584,6 +1599,16 @@ If I<csr> is C<-> or is omitted then it is written to stdout.
As well as being written to I<csr>, the CSR is printed in text form
if you give the B<-v> option.
=item B<regpg> B<gendnskey> [I<options>] <I<zone>>
Create recommended DNSSEC keys for the I<zone> if they do not already
exist, with a 24 hour TTL, using algorithm 13 (ECDSA P256 SHA-256),
with separate ZSK and KSK, and with CDS and CDNSKEY records. This is a
shortcut for:
$ regpg dnssec keygen -L 86400 -a 13 $zone
$ regpg dnssec keygen -L 86400 -a 13 -f KSK -Psync now $zone
=item B<regpg> B<genkey> <I<algorithm>> <I<private.asc>> [I<ssh.pub>]
Generate a cryptographic key pair, for use with OpenSSL or OpenSSH.
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